Pursued in the United Kingdom by the TV group Sky TV, a British got 16 months in prison for selling pre-configured boxes for piracy. It would have generated more than 220,000 euros through the sale of these devices.


Sky TV has already taken to the niche many times to fight against the piracy of its contents to protect its investments. Like the channels of the BeIN group, those of Sky TV are very easily accessible through specific Kodi extensions. If the use of Android and Kodi boxes is not illegal, the one made of certain extensions can be considered as piracy.

Opportunists have made their business by selling on the web via their own sites or well-known platforms (Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon, etc.) Android boxes or IPTV already equipped with extensions and modules to watch pay channels.


This is the case of Warren Gleave, a 51-year-old Englishman who has spent three years over-optimized his box and generated no less than 200,000 pounds. Prosecuted by Sky under the Fraud Act 2006, Gleave was sentenced to 16 months in prison by pleading guilty to the charges against him.

The Warren Gleave eBay page is still active with the box descriptions, their features, the address and even the phone number of the seller as shown in these screenshots.


The product description even tells buyers ” that there is no need to worry about recent articles published on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) blocking the use of this type of box. ”


The site TorrentFreak quoted Matthew Hibbert, an executive at Sky UK who believes that this sentence sends a clear message to pirates by showing how the consequences of such a practice can be serious.

In the United Kingdom, prosecutions and convictions related to the piracy of audiovisual content are now commonplace. The so-called “private” prosecutions, which no longer only involve state services and the police, are increasingly being used by rights holders to stop piracy of their content. According to one of Sky’s lawyers in this case: “Private prosecutions play an important role in cases like this, where those who break the law on intellectual property and commit fraud can be held accountable. ”


In France, where the culture of streaming is different, Android boxes have not yet really democratized.

The prosecution mainly concerns site administrators of pirated downloads. One of the last convictions is that of the directors of the Liberty-land site who received sentences ranging from 2 to 6 months suspended and fines of around 3,000 euros.

Do not forget the HADOPI (High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the internet) is still very active but whose warnings only rarely lead to convictions, according to his latest report online on hadopi .fr.

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